F | The Fishtail

Imagine being named after your appearance. And no, not a nickname. Like your actual name. Yeah, you’d need some mean sets of parents for that. But what if, just what if that names turns out to be just so iconic because of what you are. Its like making a crazy gimmick work. That’s one route that can happen, and that’s how we segway to Mt. Machhapuchhre, the Fishtail.


Located as a part of the Annapurna Massif, 25km north from Pokhara, the Machhapuchhre peak is at altitude of 6947m above sea level. Despite not being a part of the coveted Eight-thousanders, the Fishtail peak has garnered fame out off seer majesty. Known for its famous view from the city of Pokhara, and the dazzling reflection on the Fewa Lake, the Machhapuchhre is a peak that has a separate fanbase of its own. The most striking feature of the peak is the peak, which resembles the tail of a fish, hence the name, and the content of the entire first paragraph.

The peak can be viewed from all four sides, the east face from Bandipur, west face from Gandruk, north face from the Annapurna Base Camp(ABC), and the famous south face from the valley of Pokhara. This is pretty rare for a mountain peak.

Un-summitted tale of the Fishtail?

The Machhapuchhre has never been summated, which is a surprise as it’s a peak of comparatively lower elevation. A climber tried in the 1957 but was short of 300m from reaching the summit. The climber then reported to then king of Nepal King Mahendra, who declared that the hindu deity Shiva resided there and that was the cause of the failure of the climber from summiting. Yes, I am not joking. But since then, no permits have been given to climb the Fish tail-ed mountain, and that streak stands to this day, like over a decade after monarchy ended.

This has preserved the natural environment of the peak. Keeping the sacred aura  and environment of the peak alive to this day. It’s a religious peak. That leaves it pristine and pure, away from the degraded state of some of the other well known peaks.


That hasn’t stopped people from trying. But how do they do it. Its illegal. That’s not possible. Well, apparently it is possible to carry out illegal acts too. I mean, human beings everybody. Bill Denz, a well known climber in the climbing circles, tried the feat unsuccessfully in the early 80s. But that’s upto debate as he was killed in an avalanche in 1983 on Makalu, an eight-thousander peak. So, we’ll probably never known of that part of the story.

Even though its illegal for climbing, there is a Machhapuchhre Base Camp, which is a trekking destination.

Although, or maybe because the peak is out of bound for climbers, the Fish tailed peak of Nepal, Mt. Machhapuchhre is beautiful ,and despite its lower elevation, a well-known peak. It may not be conquerable, but there’s a beauty to that too isn’t it.

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