Tihar the festival of lights and colors is the festival which honors Yama, the God of Death and worships Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Some days after Dashain is over Tihar a five day festival starts from 26th October to 29th October. Some days after Dashain is over, it is the major festival people of Nepal are waiting for. This festival lights up whole Kathmandu as houses all over the town are decorated with lights and attractive garlands. Street markets of Kathmandu are filled with garlands and flowers as the crowd of people will be visiting the market.

In the first day of Tihar the informant of Yama, crow is worshiped thus the day is called Kag Tihar. The agents of Yama dogs are worshiped on Kukur Tihar on the second day. The third day is Laxmi Puja, on this day Cow are worshiped in the morning and Goddess Laxmi is offered prayers from the devotees and pujas are done. In the fourth day, the Newari Community performs Mha puja worshiping oneself. One the Fifth day sisters put tika on their brothers’ forehead and give blessings as Bhai Tika.

This festival brings in joy to the people of Kathmandu as everyone is busy in decorating their house, lighting them with electrics lights and candles, making a path of footprints for Goddess Laxmi to enter their house with the blessings of wealth and prosperity. People are going around town in night around every house singing and playing Deusi Bhailos in groups bestowing blessings in return the houses give them money. People are lighting fire crackers and fireworks lights up the skies.


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