People celebrating Tamu Loshar

Tamu Loshar

Tamu Loshar

December 31st.

Tamu Loshar is a festival celebrated by the Gurung Community of Nepal. Abiding the lunar calendar they celebrate Loshar for 15 days. ‘Lho’ means age and ‘Sar’ means new or fresh. In other words, the Gurung Community celebrate it as a New year in the month of December. The festival also indicates the change in Lho. To clarify, The Gurung divides time into cycles of 12 Years and to each year they give a special name also known as Barga(lho).
During Tamu Loshar people gather around and have feasts with delicious foods and conduct cultural programs. They also decorate the monasteries with beautiful flowers and colours and people go to different monasteries and Buddha Stupas. People pray for their good life and a prosperous new age during Tamu Loshar.

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