some peple celebrating mha puja

Mha Puja

Mha puja is celebrated on the fourth day of Tihar and marks the start of the Newari New Year or as the Nepal sambat. Mha puja is performed annually to celebrate the spirit with oneself and cleanse and empower the soul. Mha puja has been an old tradition in the Newari community praying to the god that has been dwelling in one self for the long life and prosperity of the devotee.

This is the prime practice of the Hindu belief; god exists in every living creature and everything around us. Mha puja spreads the positive message of self-respect and self-love. During the process a row of mandalas is drawn on ground in-front of each family member and two more at the end for the messengers of death.The ceremony of self worshiping hence begins to cleanse our soul and get rid of all evil.


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