woman dancing in colours at holi

Fagu Poornima (Holi)

Fagu Poornima (Holi)

9th March, 2020

The festival of Fagu Poornima is celebrated with colours and waters for the celebration of different colours of joy in life.  People around the Kathmandu city celebrate holi by putting colours in eachother and also play with water. Tourists readily take part in this festival and get drenched in colour. It is celebrated on the day following the full moon (poornima in nepali) on the month of Falgun, hence called Falgun Poornima. Except the fun part there is a Hindu mythology which says we celebrate it for the death of evil mistress Holika.

Holika was a woman who was blessed with being fire immune. She once took her nephew on her lap into a blazing fire to kill him but the boy Prahlad survived while Holika was burnt alive. For the victory of good over evil every year on the full moon day a tuft with colourful cloths on the top of a bamboo pole (lingo) is erected at Basantapur. And this lingo is burnt on the evening of Fagu Poornima for the burning of Holika.

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