dashain tikas



Dashain is the longest and the biggest festival of Hindu Culture in Nepal, celebrated for nearly two weeks from 29th September worshiping Goddess Durga. It is a big festival where families reunite feasting on meats, exchanging tikas and blessings from your elders and doing Pujas. Dashain honors Goddess Durga who is believed to be created from power of all gods. Goddess Durga is worshiped and offered  sacrifices for the betterment and prosperity of the devotees.

This festival has a long 9 days rituals where people do different forms of Puja and worshiping and finally on the 10th day people receive red rice tikas wearing new clothes and feasting with relatives and other family members. Before the tika people generally go around the town worshiping temples and paying homage to the gods. People buy new clothes for the Dashain, visits their family home, play kites and swings and enjoy the time around with families feasting. Taleju temple which is normally out of bounds for the public is also opened on the 9th day of this festival. This is Nepali citizens biggest festival which they enjoy and it is soon followed by Tihar.

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