woman dancing in colours at holi

Fagu Poornima (Holi)

Fagu Poornima (Holi) 9th March, 2020 The festival of Fagu Poornima is celebrated with colours and waters for the celebration […]

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sadhu pilgrims at maha shivaratri

Shiva Ratri

Shiva Ratri February 21, 2020 Maha Shiva Ratri also known as ‘Night of the Shiva is one of the major […]

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people celebrating maghe sankranti

Maghe Sankranti

Maghe Sankranti January 15, 2020 The Hindus celebrate Maghe Sankranti  on the first day of Magh. On the 1st of […]

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People celebrating Tamu Loshar

Tamu Loshar

Tamu Loshar December 31st. Tamu Loshar is a festival celebrated by the Gurung Community of Nepal. Abiding the lunar calendar […]

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masked dancers and buddhist people dancing

Mani Rimdu

Mani Rimdu is  celebrated by Buddhists in the Himalayas, It is a 19-day festival to mark the founding of Buddhism by […]

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oil wicked lights around rani pokhari

Chhat Parva

Chhat Parva Chhat Parva is a sacred festival mainly celebrated by people of the Mithila regions in Nepal. It is […]

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some peple celebrating mha puja

Mha Puja

Mha puja is celebrated on the fourth day of Tihar and marks the start of the Newari New Year or […]

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Tihar Tihar the festival of lights and colors is the festival which honors Yama, the God of Death and worships […]

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