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Well you’re part of this page so you probably have an idea about the #VisitNepal2020 campaign(Update on that: Yeah hopefully 2022). So we decided to give you info on almost everything that you need to know and do while here, you could say an A to Z on the thing. I know, this part of the whole thing came a bit late. But this is Nepal. So here we go…starting with the Annapurna Circuit.

The Annapurna Base Camp

The ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) is one of the most popular destinations for hikers on earth. Lying in central Nepal 40km directly north of the valley of Pokhara, it’s the start to the climb to the 10th highest peak of the world. ABC and the trip to getting there is something to behold itself. The path to getting there takes you through different and diverse landscapes and culture, which brings you so close to the 8000+ meter peak.

The journey…

The trekking route starts at Nayapul, which is a few hours’ drive away from Pokhara. The starting elevation of the trek is thus at around 1940m above sea level. Although there are variations to the route to the destination, the most popular route takes the trekkers through the Ghorepani area, where they get to witness the spectacular Poon Hills, at an elevation of 3210m.


The next locations and stops of the trekking would be Tadapani and Chomrong respectively. The next stop would be the Machhapuchhre Base Camp at Dovan (3700m). Here the trekkers have access to the view and majesty of the Fishtail Mountain. From there the trekkers go on to the Annapurna Base camp which lies at an elevation of 4130m.

Most of the trekkers return from this point here and take the same route back or the route going to Gandruk or Jhinu Danda. The Jhinu Danda has the facility of hot springs where the trekkers can rest their tired bones and muscles, after all the entire trek to the ABC takes upto 7 days. So that’s a long walk they’ve been through.

What you get…

The trek ranges from an elevation of 1940m to 4130m, so that gives a wide range of landscape and environment that you’d need to go through during the trip. The starting trip is a walk through a wide area filled with rice paddies that eventually changes to being surrounded by Rhododendron forest, which are at full bloom during the spring season. The trek eventually sees a colder and whiter landscape as the elevation of your surrounding increases.

Throughout the trip too you’d have to make a lot of stops due to the long duration of the trip. However if you follow the standard trekking distances or just happen to have a good guide, finding lodgings shouldn’t be that of a problem. There are lodging well equipped for your comfort and according can accommodate you according to your need and taste. Although it’s a good idea to confirm with your travel agency or get a guide with good knowledge of the whole thing, especially during the winters, as services might be closed depending on the snow level.        

The bigger Picture…

Right after the ABC, comes the real deal itself. Standing at 8091m, Mt. Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain peak in the world. Lying across 5 different districts of the Gandaki Province Annapurna, named after the Hindu goddess of food and nourishment said to reside there, had the highest peak summited (1950) by humans for 3 years until the Everest was summited. Although Annapurna is referred to the section of the Himalayas that included the Annapurna I peak. The entire area is a sanctuary in a high glacial basin lying above 4000m altitude. The tenth highest peak of the world is not alone though. It forms a group of peak along with other close lying peaks like the lower Annapurna peaks, the Machhapuchhre Peak and the Hiunchuli Peak, together known as the Annapurna Massif.

The expedition to the summit could last for duration of over a month. A few requirements and permits are required to even gain access to these regions but after arriving to the ABC after gaining all those necessities, you need to gear up and get ready for the journey that lies ahead. After all it is the most dangerous mountaineering expedition in terms of fatality.


…and so

The perfect time to trek the Annapurna circuit is during the Autumn season when the weather is dry and thus the view is clear. This season last from October to May. Although the real beauty of the whole thing truly comes alive during the season when the flora and fauna of the area is in full bloom. However a favorable weather is not always guaranteed. S, do remember to check and sort all these factors out while considering a trip to the Annapurna circuit.

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